Shades of grey – my curious obsession

My name’s Annie and I have an addiction. It’s crept up on me slowly over the years. Started out as something I’d do on special occasions. Every once in a while. I didn’t mind spending a bit of money on it as it was only every so often. But then I loved it so much I needed more. And now I see it everywhere. What is this thief of my money?

Grey t-shirts with slogans written on them.

T shirts
T-shirts I have known and loved

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. That sounds shit, right? Like some old cast-off from your brother when you were 8 and just desperately wanted some clothes that were yours. But trust me on this one – slogan t-shirts are cool. When I pop one on with my ripped jeans, I feel like Joan Jett. I’m a rock chick. I am effortlessly cool – like I just fell out of bed, pulled on the first thing that came to hand and LOOKED AWESOME.

The material has to be soft – ideally looking like it’s about 30 years old already. The slogan? I’m not too fussy – as long as it has no mention of the word “Babe” (a dark and best forgotten 90s t-shirt trend) I have everything from “Spiritual Gangster” to “Lucky” – with a bit of “Eden” thrown in. Why grey? I have no idea. I have a black slogan t-shirt that I just can’t feel excited about in the same way. I’ve flirted with white… and no. Not for me.

For me, the only way is grey. And the psychological impact is huge. And now I can’t walk past one without buying it.

ps – yes, that is a picture of me hoovering my garden. But that’s a story for another day.

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